mFi – Machine-to-Machine Communications Reinvented

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One of my most admired companies in the technology sector is Ubiquiti Networks (NASDAQ:UBNT). Ubiquiti Networks has been around since 2005. Their products are your answer to just about any networking project requirement. Ubiquiti products are reliable and dependable. In my personal experience, when budget constraints came into play in 2009, I was looking for wireless equipment to establish a 10 mile wireless point-to-point and that wouldn’t break the bank. I knew that if I would purchase from Cisco or any other vendor, I was easily going to be way over budget. Ubiquity was the answer for us. Our total project cost was 1/6th the cost of hardware alone from Cisco. Since then I have recommended Ubiquiti equipment based on quality and pricing. I have yet to see Ubiquiti units fail. Recently they introduced mFi.

mFiTM is a Machine-to-Machine management system from Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. The mFi hardware can be managed and monitored from the mFi Controller software. The mFi Controller software allows you to create rules that trigger actions based on data from your mFi sensors. For example, motion detection could turn a light on, or a high temperature reading could trigger a fan. The mFi platform is compatible with third-party devices, making the options unlimited!
Plug and Play Installation Use standard Ethernet cable to connect machines and sensors. Use WiFi to seamlessly connect mFi nodes to your IP network. Unlimited device scalability.
Powerful Functionality Create powerful relationships between sensors, machines, and powered devices.
Cloud and Mobile Support Access multiple mFi networks from any remote location through a web browser. New devices can instantly be discovered and provisioned through the cloud.
Sophisticated User Experience From auto-detection of machines through intuitive and powerful rule creation, the mFi Controller transforms a machine network into an automated symphony.
Ubiquiti mFi

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